Siemens PLC Drivers

IGSS Supports the S7/1200 Series PLCs from Siemens

A new series of PLC drivers from Siemens called the S7/1200 series is released. IGSS supports communication with this series using either the 7TS7 (Driver ID: 8) or 7TS7TCP (Driver ID: 72) on standard TCP/IP Ethernet connections.

If you use the 7TS7 plc driver, you need Simatic Net and NetPro to set up and configure the connections. Please read you Simatic Net/NetPro documentation carefully for guidelines as to how this configuration is done.

If you use the 7TS7TCP plc driver you don’t need Simatic Net or NetPro – you just open the IGSS System Configuration program and type in the IP address of the S7/1200. Select the Processor type S7-300/400 (as the S7/1200 is compatible with the S7/300 and S7/400) and then set the CPU slot number to 0 (default), then you are ready to start using your new S7/1200 with IGSS.

While setting the CPU slot number to 0 is easy, it has the drawback that your PLC programming software might also try to use this default number and thus you will only be able to be online either with IGSS or with your programming software (Step 7 v10.5). This can be frustrating while testing and thus it might be a good idea to set up IGSS to use a dedicated connection instead of the default connection. To do this, press the Advanced connection properties button and the following dialog box will appear:

Showing the Connection Properties of the Siemens PLC driver.

This dialog allows you to configure a dedicated SAP pair for your connection. In the S7 SAP field you should type in 03.00 (default for an OS system) and in the PC SAP field you should type in 10.11, 11.11, 12.11,... IGSS and the PLC do not care which PC SAP you use (you can e.g. use 73.11) as long as the SAP is unique and thus not used by any other connections to this PLC. Please note that if you need to connect your S7/1200 to e.g. an existing S7/300, then you need to set up this connection using Step7 and NetPro and this connection will then get a SAP id e.g. 10.11. In this case you should of course NOT use 10.11 with IGSS, but choose another unique number e.g. 15.11.

The IP address should be left at – or if you have more than one IP address on your PC (e.g. more than one network adapters or some VPN connections), then you can instruct the IGSS 7TS7TCP driver to use a specific route by typing the IP address of the preferred adapter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you start writing code to your S7/1200 using Step7 v.10.5, please be aware that it is VERY important that all blocks you create, which should be accessible to IGSS, must have the option Symbolic access only option UNCHECKED! If you do not uncheck this option on the data block or instance block you create, then you will not be able to read or write data to/from these blocks using the IGSS 7TS7 or 7TS7TCP plc drivers. Both drivers will give an error message indicating that the data block is not present in the PLC, even though the data block is actually present – it is just not accessible if the Symbolic access only check box is selected.