Remote Access Solution

Set up web access for clients in just a few minutes

The IGSS Remote Access Solution is a cost-effective web access solution which meets the demands for easy access regardless of time or place and without reducing security requirements

Installing the remote access software server-side and client-side is simple. Setting up the security is also very fast and intuitive. All the client needs is a browser and an ID/Password to get access to the plant's operator station.


A remote access solution with IGSS has the following requirements:
  • Plant operator station must have the server version of the remote access software installed for example TeamViewer where a client-version is included in the IGSS Master. Other examples are LogMeIn or GoToMyPC
  • The client must have a web browser installed

How it works

  • The client enters the URL for remote access to the operator station.
  • The client logs on to the server.
  • The client now takes over control of remote screen, mouse and keyboard.
  • The client has full access to all IGSS features, as if he was working on a normal operator station.

Security considerations

To improve security, we recommend doing the following:
  • Restrict the client's permissions in the remote access software, as required
  • Set up a firewall between the web client and the plant operator station
  • Set up User Administration in IGSS
To automate the logon process for the user further:
  • On the client, configure that the remote access will Auto-start with Windows.
  • Predefine the remote access ID and password.


The example below shows a client connected to an IGSS operator station using TeamViewer.

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