License Prices

If you have downloaded IGSS FREE50 and want to upgrade to a larger system the prices are for example:

License type 100 objects* 200 objects*
Development license, Single-user 1) 1,030 Euro 3,800 Euro
Runtime license, Single-user 2) 860 Euro 2,880 Euro

1) A development license allows the end user to make changes to the IGSS project.
2) A runtime license cannot be changed by the end user.

*NOTE: One IGSS object equals several tags
Unlike other HMI/SCADA systems, IGSS counts the number of objects used, not the number of tags. One IGSS object contains several tags. For your convenience, we have invented this example showing a basic IGSS project. In this example we only use 16 IGSS objects, but the objects contain 62 tags. And this is not even the maximum, but represents the reality of typical projects. We know every project is unique, so this is only one example.

See also Objects in IGSS for further information on what an object is and how it is calculated, or Download this template (.pdf) and use it to do your own calculations for end user projects.

All-in–one license
The software is user-friendly, yet packed with all required features for a turnkey SCADA system project. This makes IGSS an all-in-one license product. NOTE: The standard version of IGSS includes all modules (except the Notifier alarm notification system which must be purchased separately) plus one PLC driver and one operator station. The license agreement can be extended to include other options such as additional drivers, server for multi-user, operator stations and dualized servers (for redundancy) as well as single user back-up.

Less engineering hours
Especially the time consumption for creating SCADA projects is much shorter compared to most systems due to the simple and logic structure of the IGSS system.

Communication genius
IGSS communicates with all industry standard PLCs.

30 years in the market
With more than 30 years in business and a loyal customer base, IGSS is a proven SCADA system in many industries worldwide.