FREE50 Project in Iceland

Icelandic mini water treatment plant is controlled by an IGSS FREE50 solution

Electrician Jón G. Helgason from Iceland has downloaded 7T’s IGSS FREE50 pack and used it to build a fully functional SCADA solution for a small wastewater treatment plant in Reyðarfjörður. Jón G. Helgason has posted the following description of his project:

I am an electrician and was asked to connect a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Reyðarfjörður by a company in Egilsstaðir.

The distance between the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Egilsstaðir is about 30 km, and the plant has no way of being connected to the Internet. It is a very small plant of about 50-80 cubic meters per 24 hours, but supervision is needed about 4-5 times a week.

The unit came with a MJK Connect pump control, which I installed. Subsequently I began to read and learn about project monitoring and supervision, so that I could save my client every second trip to Reyðarfjörður.

I asked my client to contact the System Integrator Raftakn, whom I know works with IGSS and has good programmers employed. He never made contact, and eventually I had to try to execute the project myself.

Before I started, I spent a day or two watching online training videos and practicing.

First I drew the factory in the Definition module and got this device to work. It took a while, but I am quite proud of the result.

We have only used one MJK Connect PLC and we have only used normal GSM connections. Now we are endeavoring to use GPRS communication and MODBUS protocol.

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The solution will supervise, among other things the level in the buffer tank, the flow in the drain, the heating in the UV lamp and UV intensity.

The MJK Connect PLC collects time stamp data for Delta In and Delta Out figures, which helps to supervise the collected flow. The configuration of the project is 48 objects, but I am confident that I could omit a few of them if I had to.

With GPRS my customer would be able to supervise the Waste Water Treatment Plant much better, and in time I will probably be asked to extend the solution so changes to the plant objects can be made online, etc.
At that time I will probably have to omit some objects or purchase access to more objects.

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