Faceplate Library

Faceplate library for Schneider Electric hardware

If you use Schneider Electric hardware, we return the favour by supplying you with some faceplates. This means you will be able to take a shortcut in setting up mimics and plc mapping.

Hardware templates / Faceplates Library / Import groups

To import the template into your IGSS Configuration, do the following.

1. Find and download the relevant zip file matching your hardware below.
2. Unzip the the Template to your installation folder, typically:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\IGSS32\V12.0\GSS\Templates\
    (create the Templates folder if not available)
3. Open Definition and import the .CFG file found in the ZIP. 
4. For additional setup instructions read the document supplied with the download.

For now only one hardware template is available, but more will follow.

Supported hardware templates

Template version IGSS version Hardware Model File type Language 
 2 13 Altivar Process ATV600 - IGSS V13 ATV630 series 
ATV650 series
.zip  Danish
 1 12 Altivar Process ATV600 - IGSS V12 ATV630 series
ATV650 series
.zip  Danish

 - More to follow