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SCADA download

With our SCADA Download, IGSS FREE50, you can discover how easy it is to build a control system with many objects. The SCADA software is fully functional and allow you to build a project with 50 objects.

How to get started - Quick Guide and free training videos

Together with an intuitive user interface, IGSS makes it both easy and fun to build small and large-scale projects. With connectivity to more than 80+ PLCs you have all the drivers you need. In our Quick Start Guide we show you how to get up and running with our SCADA software. It is an easy 5 step route. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support: support@7t.dk

With our free SCADA Training Videos new users can learn how to configure a SCADA project from scratch and how to create objects, templates, graphs, reports - and much more. Existing IGSS system integrators can take individual lessons to update their knowledge. See under 'Get Started!'in the sidebar to the right.

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